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From: David Possin (
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 18:52:37 EDT

The whole DDK is documented in msdn. Do a search for 'keyboard DDK"
there and you will find a lot of information. When I am on my develoer
system next week I will look at the DDK itself on our CDs and I will
let you know offlist what I found. The sample code isn't online.

From what I can tell it is similar to older systems where I once wrote
a keyboard driver that read in mappings to different character sets and
macros. Back then I used a flat txt file to store the key mapping, it
looked similar to the Unicode character description. I could imagine a
XML file with key tags to do the same today, assigning keys to codes
with all the shift levels and other key status information.


Take a look at KbFilter_ServiceCallback then, which allows you to
delete, transform, or insert data.

I am personally interested in this hook for test automation to simulate
keyboard import of Unicode characters.

--- "Michael (michka) Kaplan" <> wrote:
> From: "Roozbeh Pournader" <>
> > Even a very non-trivial reference to somewhere in MSDN I can
> > give to a programmer as a start point?
> Tell them to look at kbd.h in the Windows DDK.... I believe there are
> also
> some samples in there. I do not know of anything in MSDN.
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