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Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 13:04:19 EDT


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> > I presume that the user has to know that the character cannot
> be displayed.
> I don't see how the user can know this. Depending on the usage, an odd
> glyph can look like a bullet or other marker. In some cases therefore,
> the user might presume it is just a unique way of calling attention to
> something rather than a missing character.
> When I demonstrate problems with not setting charset in web pages
> correctly, I use an example where because of charset mislabeling the
> Euro symbol turns into a filled square box, turning a declared currency
> into a value next to a box, where the user might then presume their
> native currency aside a list bullet. Of course the meaning of the page
> is therefore significantly changed.

People are starting to get used to the idea that a square box might be a
missing character or it could just be a square box. OTOH if that saw:


they would know it is something strange and they might recognize that every
time they saw this glyph there was a missing Euro. In any case, if they
reported the problem a technician could tell that it was a Euro problem and
that they might need a code page update. A company might even alert its
people that if they see this glyph that they should call tech support for an
update. These glyphs would be unique and not look like anything that a
character could create.


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