Re: Proposal (was: "Missing character" glyph)

From: Tex Texin (
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 12:45:32 EDT

"Carl W. Brown" wrote:
> I presume that the user has to know that the character cannot be displayed.

I don't see how the user can know this. Depending on the usage, an odd
glyph can look like a bullet or other marker. In some cases therefore,
the user might presume it is just a unique way of calling attention to
something rather than a missing character.

When I demonstrate problems with not setting charset in web pages
correctly, I use an example where because of charset mislabeling the
Euro symbol turns into a filled square box, turning a declared currency
into a value next to a box, where the user might then presume their
native currency aside a list bullet. Of course the meaning of the page
is therefore significantly changed.


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