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Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 06:15:37 EDT


There is a (possibly unofficial/archaic?) Basque orthography that
contains the letters Ń ń Ŕ ŕ, which are not covered by windows-1252.
‘Dotted’ Irish (which is not official) is also not in windows-1252.

Maltese is a Southern European language, its alphabet is in
ISO-8859-3. Today, ISO-8859-3 is in practice used only for Maltese and
Esperanto (and those two languages in multi-language texts with
English and/or German).


Martin Kochanski skreiv:
> Writing a simple introduction to Unicode for ordinary users ("why are you giving me all those features I never asked for?"), I was about to concede that code page 1252 already covers the Western European languages. Then I realised that it doesn't, because neither Welsh nor Maltese can be properly expressed in 1252.
> For the sake of completeness, are there any other living Western European languages that need Unicode? From the recent correspondence, it seems that Catalan would not be on that list.
> - Martin Kochanski.

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