Re: Dzongkha gets Windowsized

From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 12:16:28 EDT

At 01:50 AM 07-08-02, wrote:

>What we don't really need is another language-specific version of Windows,
>but a proper Unicode font
>for Tibetan and a Tibetan IME.

That *is* what is being provided. Microsoft do not ship language-specific
versions of Windows anymore. The news item is full of typical journalistic

Chris Fynn has been working in Bhutan for two years, helping his Bhutanese
colleagues develop Unicode/OpenType fonts to be distributed with Windows.
Microsoft have added a Dzongkha/Tibetan shaping engine to their Uniscribe
DLL (the crucial element for Windows support that you missed in your
analysis). I've not seen the corresponding IME, but they presumably have one.

John Hudson

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Vancouver, BC

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as a whole -- before it can belong to me, so that the self comes to its
unique articulation in a medium which is always at some level
indifferent to it. - Terry Eagleton

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