RE: Proposal (was: "Missing character" glyph)

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 13:23:47 EDT


Good idea.

> Why not a 3x2 digits arrangement?

The euro could either be:

   002 (Horizontal folded hex)

Or what I like better:

   02A (Vertical hex)

Doing mainframe work I used to write a number of utilities that used
vertical hex. It was simple to do with the translate instruction.

Originally I though to keep the character in the same proportions as the
typical characters. This arrangement will sommport smaller font sizes. The
disadvantage is that the text might not fit in a text box and get truncated.
I good compromise might be to only use 4 digits for BMP characters. If you
use vertical hex for the 6 digit version you should use it for the 4 digit
grouping as well.


I also think that having a tool that can help fix the problem is better than
losing some truncated text.

> This is small enough to fit 2 lines of 2 or 3 digits, plus a frame and a
> small white margin, even in a tiny 16x16 bitmapped glyph:

Having seen this in action, I don't think that the frame is necessary.


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