Re: German 'ich' (was: Pronunciation of U+0429)

From: David Possin (
Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 08:17:15 EDT

I was thinking about Hessisch too, which is Frankfurt area and the
German Bundesland Hessen.
I think I can distinguish about 6 different dialects, each one has a
different pronunciation of 'ich'. If anybody is interested I can
organize a conference call offlist and we can listen to the various
sounds by phone. Compare it with the Berlin version ;-)

--- Otto Stolz <> wrote:
> Rick Cameron wrote:
> > At you can find
> > audiovisual samples for the consonants of the Russian alphabet. The
> entry
> > for U+0429 (which they write as Ш') sure looks and sounds like an
> ich-laut
> > to me.
> Are you referring to the German standard pronounciation [ç],
> or have you, by any chance, heard this phoneme pronounced by
> a Hessian [ʃ]? The latter would resemble the pronounciation of
> "щ" much more than the former (which is normally transliterated
> into Russian as "г").
> Best wishes,
> Otto Stolz

Dave Possin
Globalization Consultant

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