Re: Tildes on vowels

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Sun Aug 11 2002 - 15:12:29 EDT

> The page seems to be encoded correctly.
> MSIE sometimes displays UTF-8 encoded material a bit differently
> from the same material encoded as NCRs.
> MSIE has no direct font setting for UTF-8 material, but one trick
> is to set both the "Latin" font and the "User Defined" font to
> the desired font name. [Tools] - [Internet Options] - [Fonts]
IE doesn't balk at the UTF-8, since it shows Ash, Thorn, and Eth correctly
in the table. Anyway, replacing all UTF-8 with NCRs makes no difference,
at least not for me in IE 6.0; I added this just now at the bottom of the

Maybe I'm naive but after all the talk about how bad precomposed characters
are and how much more proper it is to use combining characters to get
accents (and presumably overlines, since in this case there's no other
way), I kind of expected this to "just work" :-) I guess we still have a
ways to go...

- Frank

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