Re: Tildes on vowels

From: James Kass (
Date: Sun Aug 11 2002 - 15:33:51 EDT

We seem to have exposed a bug in MSIE.

Note that the NCR saved as material has incorrectly exchanged
the upper case yogh for lower case yogh!

BTW, when I suggested combining overline, I only meant for the
"gh" blend. The other letters looked fine (or as well as can be
expected) with the combining macron.

Best regards,

James Kass.

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> > The page seems to be encoded correctly.
> >
> > MSIE sometimes displays UTF-8 encoded material a bit differently
> > from the same material encoded as NCRs.
> >
> > MSIE has no direct font setting for UTF-8 material, but one trick
> > is to set both the "Latin" font and the "User Defined" font to
> > the desired font name. [Tools] - [Internet Options] - [Fonts]
> >
> IE doesn't balk at the UTF-8, since it shows Ash, Thorn, and Eth correctly
> in the table. Anyway, replacing all UTF-8 with NCRs makes no difference,
> at least not for me in IE 6.0; I added this just now at the bottom of the
> page:
> Maybe I'm naive but after all the talk about how bad precomposed characters
> are and how much more proper it is to use combining characters to get
> accents (and presumably overlines, since in this case there's no other
> way), I kind of expected this to "just work" :-) I guess we still have a
> ways to go...
> - Frank

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