Double Macrons on gh (was Re: Tildes on Vowels)

From: Robert (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 01:30:16 EDT

Hello, Unicoders!
I just read your message about 'double' combining accents (or, should that read 'double-wide) to use on digraphs. An example I usually see in Semitic Transliteration: The Arabic letters kha’ and ghain are usually romanized by underbarred digraphs kh and gh, respectively {The underline used in this message here represents the newly-proposed double-wide underbar ['double combining low line'] regularly used [as a single-wide underbar would be used for single letters] to indicate laryngeal(-ized) phonemes (laryngeal fricatives kh, gh in Hebrew, Arabic, and languages using Arabic script; however, laryngealized sibilants s,/i>, z occur in Farsi, Urdu, and most others of those languages [in Classical Arabic, they appear as interdental fricatives th, dh]); a laryngeal resonant h also exists (please tell me in what languages that laryngeal 'h' would be found as a distinct phoneme}.
The double-wide macron and breve are useful for reduplicating dictionary symbols (as these would go on doubled vowels and diphthongs).
Thank You!

Robert Lloyd Wheelock
Augusta, ME USA

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