Re: Revised proposal for "Missing character" glyph

From: James Kass (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 22:39:46 EDT

Carl W. Brown wrote,

> > Why vertical? Hexadecimal is almost invariably written left-to-right,
> > top-to-bottom, and that's the order I would expect.
> It was pointed out that if you have 6 hex digits that an upper row of
> three digits and a lower row of three digits will render better at a
> small point size that three rows of two digits.

The suggested appearance of Control Picture glyphs is LTR-TTB,
examples U+206E () and U+206F (). (Even though actual
appearance is up to the designer, and those two glyphs here
are four across rather than stacked.)

Even the square katakana glyphs in U+3300 - U+3357 range go
LTR-TTB, and katakana is more frequently written vertically
than Latin.

Writing U+1234 as


... seems more natural than...


For non-BMP, how about a double tall glyph at the left as the
plane signifier? (All 6 digits aren't really needed.) To try to
illustrate this in plain text will use box drawing glyphs to
simulate a Plane One glyph for U+11234:


I made a TTF for the BMP using the LTR-TTB scheme. It's a
large file. Here's a link to a screen shot showing some BMP
control pictures from the old Reuter's page about the Tenth

If there is a preference for TTB-LTR control picture glyphs for
hex notation, the font could be re-done...

Best regards,

James Kass.

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