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From: Andrew Cunningham (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 23:12:16 EDT

Hi James et al,

James Kass wrote:
> A practical question is, how can a user like Peter Constable
> upgrade his version of Uniscribe in order to get the desired
> shaping support in conjunction with his copy of IE 6.x?

This is the key mystery. IE 6.0 does have a more uptodate version of
uniscribe than older versions of IE. But doesn't seem to always upgarde

I haven't seen any documentation on it. BUt form a couple of observations:

1) uniscribe is only updated if you required complex script support, ie
have the Arabic language pack installed, etc.

2) if you already have these language packs installed, and they don't
need to be updated, ie the langauge pack hasn't changed between versions
of IE, then uniscibe isn't updated.

The only way i've managed to update uniscibe consistently is to

* uninstall relevant language packs
* upgrade browser through custom install (reinstalling the langauge
packs in the process).

Or at least I think thats how it might work. Icould be missing something
simplier and more obvious though.

And one additional thought. For some of us (esp those involved in the
provision of multilingual community and government information to local
CALD communities), full language support isn't necessary. The key
elements are font rendering engine support for the script and working
fonts. Given those its possible to cobble together a way of typing.

I understand and respect Microsoft's policy to only support a language
once they have ALL the system components tested and working. But for
those of use that need to work in a unicode environment, it can be
frustrating to have to wait for Microsoft's next version of Windows.

For instance emerging and small CALD communities that we need to support
are Khmer, Lao and Myanmar speakers (given Australia's geographical
position and the number of political asylum seekers and refugees form
these areas). Additionally, the new migration trends to Australia from
the Horn of Africa in particular, and sub-Saharan African in general
have placed additional demands on our community web publishing projects.

The reality is that sometimes even slightly buggy implimentations of
script support in uniscribe are better then no script support.

That's my two cents worth.


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