Re: Revised proposal for "Missing character" glyph

From: Dean Snyder (
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 13:33:12 EDT

Doug Ewell wrote the following at 8:38 AM on Wed, Aug 28, 2002:

>But the advantage would be the same as what Dean
>envisions for a font-based solution -- applications would get the
>support "for free," instead of having to re-implement it in multiple,
>slightly different ways.

I don't believe so.

Such a system service would have to have access to the target text to do
its work. And if the target text is not known implicitly by the system
(because an application is not using higher level system text services,
your "edit boxes, text widgets", and a lot of applications do NOT use
this stuff exclusively) then the target text must be provided explicitly
by the application.

But this would not the case for the font-based approach, because there
are extremely few applications I am aware of that bypass the system's
actual rendering of font glyphs (only Adobe's ATM comes to mind).


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