Re: Revised proposal for "Missing character" glyph

Date: Fri Aug 30 2002 - 09:26:34 EDT

On 08/28/2002 05:38:05 PM "Doug Ewell" wrote:

>Edit controls (edit boxes, text widgets) in Windows already come
>equipped with a right-click menu...

>It's not hard to imagine that menu being extended with a "Character
>Info" or "What's This Glyph?" item...

>Of course, I have no idea if such a thing will ever be added to Windows
>(or any other OS). I'm sure it's not as simple to implement as I'm
>making it sound.

Something that wouldn't be difficult would be an item that copied data to
the clipboard, and then displayed character info based on the clipboard
content. Of course, one limitation is that apps can alter the data before
they put it on the clipboard; in fact, an app might opt to convert
everything to some default codepage and put only that on the clipboard.

- Peter

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