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Are you implying that all of these are in use?

>Several of these barred consonants (b-bar, d-bar, g-bar, k-bar) are used
in the
>Padre Recuero Transliteration of Ladino, while (h-bar) is used in
>in the UMRE system (there for voiced *h*). Please take heed to the "need
>proposals for inclusion" list very seriously.

Can you provide scanned samples of published documents illustrating usage
by a user community of those characters that are not yet in Unicode, and
provide clarification of what the user community is (e.g. I'm not familiar
either with UMRE or with the Padre Recuero Transliteration and who uses it
-- not saying that I question the veracity and validity of anything, but
only that it helps to feel confident when you have at least some

In the next 6 to 9 months, I expect I'll be preparing a proposal for
addition of several Latin characters. I'd be happy to include needs you
have identified, if the aforementioned documentation is available. Of
course, you can always write a proposal yourself. They won't get added,
however, by just mentioning them on this list. They need a champion to move
them through the process, and championing begins by completing the proposal
summary form.

- Peter

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