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Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 09:23:07 EDT

On 09/06/2002 01:28:45 AM "William Overington" wrote:

>Would the encoding that would be intended to be used in the long term use
>Unicode be to use one of the characters from the range U+FE00 to U+FE0F
>following the main character code so as to indicate the glyph alternate?

I have not to this point anticipated requesting variation selector
sequences for these, but that is not beyond the realm of possibility.

>I am aware that this approach does need tables of code points in the
>Use Area to be widely used.

Unfortunately, this approach would need tables of standardised Unicode
codepoints, not PUA codepoints, in order to be widely used.

>However, what I am suggesting here is not the same qualitatively. Here I
>suggesting for this "third approach" that documents be interchanged in a
>regular Unicode "tools and gadgets" encoding and that the documents
>using Private Use Area code points are only local temporary documents
>produced and used locally for presentation, then discarded, yet that the
>Private Use Area code point allocations are published so that there can be
>portability and interworking between software and plug-ins and fonts from
>variety of suppliers, be the suppliers commercial organizations, academic
>organizations or individuals.

There's no categorical distinction of published character assigments
intended for content interchange versus published character assignments
intended for linguistic resource interchange. It's all one and the same. If
there is to be widespread portability and interchange of anything, whether
it's content or whether it's fonts, the characters have to be standardised.

- Peter

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