Re: which is the best UTF mailer

From: John Delacour (
Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 05:38:58 EDT

At 8:32 am +0800 14/9/02, Weiwu Zhang wrote:

>I am a HTML source fan; I often edit mail source to make it perfect,
>but Outlook Express loves to re-format html emails in some silly
>way, especially in UTF-8 mode (moving style definition to body,
>using captical html tags, using silly tags like <CENTER>, <FONT> and
>Eudora don't support any Chinese coding.

So far as the Mac is concerned, Eudora (all versions) has always
supported GB and Big5. More recent versions will automatically
display the message in the correct encoding whereas really old
versions require the user to change the screen font, which can be
done instantaneously with a scripted button. For many years Mac
Eudora was the _only_ mailer that worked with Chinese and I wrote
many Utilities to facilitate this. To use Eudora with different
encodings, it is necessary to install tables which add an encoding
menu to the program.

It is also possible in Eudora to send pre-formatted html and I do
this too, using a separate 'personality' which has the relevant
Content-Type header set (by Apple Events) to "html" instead of
"plain". I am pretty sure this would allow one to send multilingual
messages, say Chinese and French.

I can also send UTF-8 encoded mail from Eudora using another
'personality' and received UTF-8 messages can be displayed, at the
click of a button, in Apple's Unicode editor TextEdit (OS X) or, in
OS 8.6+, in WorldText.

As to Apple's new Unicode-enabled Mail program, you have no control
over what you send or receive and besides that even the latest
versions indicate that there are many important bugs in the way the
program works and it is very short of features compared with Eudora
and OE.

I am not sure how quickly Eudora will move to Unicode. There are
developments that might hasten this, but I'm not holding my breath.
As to Eudora for Windows, I doubt if any development in this
directions are likely.

If you have access to a Mac, feel free to write me off list for any
information you need. Ed Lai's Chinese input method still works on
MacOS 9 and is the fastest input method ever devised. I have built a
1200K dictonary for this, but it is Big5 encoded and I have not done
much work to expand the GB dictionary.


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