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From: Barry Caplan (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 13:22:53 EDT

At 01:10 AM 9/16/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>At 1:13 pm -0700 15/9/02, Barry Caplan wrote:
>>Likewise. I suspect that John might be mixing up display of HTML, which unless configured otherwise, will happen via an embedded Microsoft IE.
>What does that mean?? I'm not in the habit of getting mixed up when I talk of Eudora.

It means I did the same thing you did in your earlier message - I neglected to note the OS I was talking about. I meant Windows and you meant Apple. HTML text in Windows Eudora is displayed in a browser, IE by default.

>Development stopped for a year. It is not stopped now and you will soon have a new version. I can promise you it won't do Unicode, but there are things happening along those lines.
>Keep nagging!

I am not in the business of nagging qualcomm because I don't have a clue why they are in the business of email. They are in the business of nagging me ever since I installed the paid 5.x version every few weeks though, which has really turned me off (as has the Unicode thing, which is unbearable at this point). I have been a paid customer since they had paid customers (v 3 ?) and a user since v1 probably, but if something good comes out of this thread, I am fully prepared to write a perl script I need be to dump my mail into another format and make the leap.

I'd write this in Japanese but I can't :(

Soon it's gonna be "Sayonara Eudora" from the longest most faithful user you have.....

Barry Caplan

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