Re: which is the best UTF mailer

From: Curtis Clark (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 17:54:52 EDT

Barry Caplan wrote:
> Soon it's gonna be "Sayonara Eudora" from the longest most faithful user you have.....

Yeah, I used to be a Eudora evangelist, too. I still use it for much of
my mail (including all my euc-kr spam, which I couldn't read even if it
displayed properly), but I now read the bulk of my lists (including this
one) in Mozilla Mail, because (1) it does UTF-8, and (2) it threads. It
also has more robust filters (they associate with individual
"personalities" or whatever Mozilla calls them). It has taken me a while
to get used to the UI, and I'm not ready to switch totally, but I don't
ever see going back to Eudora for lists.

Curtis Clark        
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