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Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 10:19:56 EDT

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    On 09/25/2002 04:04:40 AM "William Overington" wrote:

    >Could you please say some more about what is going to be encoded in
    >Unicode and with which code points please?

    You can look at to see
    what's in the pipeline, but note that code points are not yet definite.
    There will be a beta period, beginning in January I believe.

    >In relation to your encoding these characters as Private Use Area
    >characters, I wonder if you could please say some more about this please,
    >both in relation to which code points you are intending to use

    Our choice of code points s relevant only for our users and those with whom
    we might interchange data. Once we have implementations, such info will be
    available either with those implementations or on our Web site for the
    benefit of those using those implementations. I don't see any reason to
    discuss this on this list.

    >and also as
    >to whether encoding a combining accent character or a combining double
    >the Private Use Area could lead potentially to any problems over a
    >system recognizing the character as being a combining character (please
    >that I have no specific reason to think that it would, it is just a
    >possibility about which I wondered when considering various uses of the
    >Private Use Area).

    I can't comment about rendering systems in general: some may have issues
    that others do not have.

    - Peter

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