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Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 16:34:00 EDT

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    Thanks James.

    Which registry are you referring to for script and language tags?
    Is this in the context of glyphs or do you just mean the IANA language
    tag registry?

    Given the (un)workable approach, do you then intend to have variants of
    code2000 for CJKT, so one can make the appropriate assignments? (ugh!)

    Also, this approach means I have to ask each Unicode font vendor, "Which
    language is your multilingual font designed for?"
    so I know which CJKT assignment is appropriate for that font...

    (I hope this doesn't read like I am attacking you, I am not. I am just
    trying to highlight the difficulty I am having with this.)

    tex wrote:
    > Tex Texin wrote,
    > > a) Do Unicode fonts include the language-based glyph variants of
    > > characters, so that a display system is capable of identifying or
    > > hinting which glyph should be used in a particular scenario?
    > >...
    > OpenType allows for substitution of language-specific glyphs and many
    > script and language tags are already "registered".
    > However, the last time I checked (quite recently), the Uniscribe engine
    > only implements one language tag per script.
    > OpenType is still nascent and tremendous strides have been made within
    > the past few years. Once implementations do allow for multiple language
    > based substitutions under a single script tag, there should be much
    > improvement in browser display. (As long as the fonts get updated, too!)
    > Meanwhile, the workable approach seems to remain assigning specific
    > fonts in the style declaration.
    > Best regards,
    > James Kass.

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