RE: glyph selection for Unicode in browsers

Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 17:01:36 EDT

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    *sigh* Time for me to call it the day and go home, it seems. Opera 6.05/Win32
    does *not* get it right if you have it on View -> Encoding -> Automatic detection.

    Why I was fooled in the below message was that the Encoding setting seems to
    stick even if I exit and restart Opera, that's why my test page seemed to be
    working. If I turn it back to autodetect, it doesn't autodetect the UTF-8-ness.

    (If nothing else this bumbling saga of mine illustrates how difficult it still
    is to get all this "just to work".)

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    > I cannot help the wrong result. (I guess some browsers might do better
    > work at sniffing the content of the page, but at least IE6 and Opera 6.05
    > on Win32 seem to believe the server rather than the (HTML of the) page.

    After some experimentation it seems that I blamed Opera 6.05/Win32 wrongly,
    it guesses the charset right. But as pointed out by Tex, HTTP/HTML charset
    ponderings are probably not Unicode issue as such, they are more a WWW issue,
    sorry about the slight off-topicalness.

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