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Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 18:44:09 EDT

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    You are right. They also have an i18n list:

    The newsgroups and better than the mail lists. But either way you can be
    ignored there too.


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    > Roslyn,
    > I will head off trouble because for you because your message is
    > likely to be otherwise ignored or semi-flamed.
    > The best place to get information on compiling and configuring
    > php is on a php support or developer list. There must be
    > information on how to subscribe to such lists on the php home
    > page, which I am guessing is
    > Another great source to find answers that I use at least 10 times
    > a day with a 90%+ success rate is to search on related keywords
    > on and OTTOMH, in your case I would
    > try searching "php enable-mbstring" inthose places and see what you find.
    > This list is for questions related to Unicode. That is probably
    > no one has replied previously. Few if any people here are php
    > developers, and even fewer are going to be versed in the details
    > of configuring and compiling php.
    > Hope this helps!
    > Barry Caplan
    > At 04:35 AM 9/24/2002 -0700, you wrote:
    > >aaah finally, one reply to that question!! thankyou BOB.
    > anyways, could anyone tell me how i can recompile php to include
    > mbstring support. i used the ./configure enable-mbstring
    > option,did the make install..etc etc, but i still can seem to run
    > any of the mbstring functions in my php code, i get fatal error:
    > call to undefined function mb_(whatever)...could anyone pls
    > assist me here. thanks
    > >
    > >regards,
    > >
    > >roslyn

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