Combing 2 characters into 1

From: Vipin Doda (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 06:37:17 EDT

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    I'm new to this group. But I need your URGENT help regarding my project.

    Actually I'm making a word processor in Hindi Language. In that, I'm sending characters by using keyboard hook & PostMessage Functions.

    For that I need to combine two characters into 1 character. e.g. ASCII code small letter l and ALT+0201 assigned to key D and so on. It's working fine till this step.

    Now, when I press backspace / delete key it deletes character by character. I want to delete 2 characters at one go. For that I need to combine 2 characters into 1. How can I combine characters into 1 character? I need to develop my s/w compatibility with Win95 / Win98 / Win2000 /WinNT / WinXP

    Hope I've explained my problem.

    Hoping for early and positive reply.


    With Best Wishes

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