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From: William Overington (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 04:42:16 EDT

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    Peter Constable commented as follows.

    >On 09/25/2002 05:55:02 AM "William Overington" wrote:
    >>For example, I am looking at using the following sequence so as to produce
    >>special purpose key within documents.
    >>U+2604 U+0302 U+20E3
    >>Hopefully that sequence will be so unlikely to occur other than in my
    >>specialised application that the sequence can be used uniquely for that
    >>specialised application.
    >Sorry to be blunt, but that's silly. If you need a special-purpose
    >"character" (a code-sequence, to be more precise) for use within your
    >specialised application, use one of FDD0..FDEF, FFFE, FFFF, 1FFFE, 1FFFF,
    >2FFFE... 10FFFE, 10FFFF. They are non-characters available for exactly
    >this use.

    Documents with the code sequence are intended to be sent over the internet
    as email, used as web pages and broadcast in multimedia broadcasts over a
    direct broadcast satellite system, so the codes which you suggest would be

    >If you need real character sequences for markup, there's this thing called
    >XML. Perhaps you've heard of it. It's worth taking a look at; I think it
    >really might catch on some day.

    I have heard of XML, though I know little about it.

    I have read some introductory documents about XML.

    XML does not suit my specific need as far as I can tell.

    William Overington

    26 September 2002

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