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From: William Overington (
Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 06:55:02 EDT

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    The recent discussion on sequences has led me to have a look through the
    various combining characters and I have found the following.


    It has occurred to me that the use of a sequence of a base character, then
    one or more combining characters so as to produce a sequence which would be
    otherwise unlikely, followed by U+20E3 might be a very effective way to
    include specialised markup systems within a plain text file without
    disrupting the normal textual information conveying capabilities of a file.
    An all-Unicode font would then produce a graphic representation of the key,
    without any prior arrangement being necessary, so that such marked-up
    sequences could be produced using just a regular all-Unicode plain text
    editor. A receiving program with a specialized plug-in could then decode
    the markup, or it could be decoded manually in some cases.

    For example, I am looking at using the following sequence so as to produce a
    special purpose key within documents.

    U+2604 U+0302 U+20E3

    Hopefully that sequence will be so unlikely to occur other than in my
    specialised application that the sequence can be used uniquely for that
    specialised application.

    I am also thinking in terms of using the following sequence to indicate the
    end of the markup sequence.

    U+2604 U+0302 U+20E2

    I have it in mind that characters in the range U+2460 through to U+2473
    could be used before parameters within the markup system.

    Also, I have noticed that in the document U02D0.pdf that U+20E4 is shown, in
    the listing, in magenta whereas U+20DF is shown in black.  Could someone say
    what significance the magenta colouring in the document has please?  Is it
    perhaps to indicate additions since the previous issue of the document?
    William Overington
    25 September 2002

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