Re: Keys. (derives from Re: Sequences of combining characters.)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 20:37:54 EDT

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    Peter responded:

    > >A document would contain a sequence such as follows.
    > >
    > >U+2604 U+0302 U+20E3 12001 U+2460 London U+2604 U+0302 U+20E2
    > You could just as easily have used
    > <S C="12001">London</S>
    > or
    > <S C="12001" P1="London"/>

    or even:

    <cometcircumflex messageId="12001">London</cometcircumflex>

    if one likes the ring of "comet circumflex" for one's tags.

    > which are only slightly more verbose, but which follow a widely-implemented
    > standard

    namely, XML, which I think effectively gainsays William's earlier

    > XML does not suit my specific need as far as I can tell.

    And as far as the idea of having parameterized messages, with
    translation catalogs, I would join the chorus inviting William
    to investigate state of the art before attempting to invent
    something that already exists in many forms.

    Or, to further mangle Marco's musical metaphor, as you
    "go round and around" on this topic, make sure that
    you don't mix up the apples *for* the horses with the
    horseapples *from* the horses.

    --Ken ;-)

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