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From: Mark Davis (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 08:28:49 EDT

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    ICU doesn't have a tool specifically to do that, but it does have API
    support for that (and character conversion), so it'd be very simple
    for you to write such a tool -- just opening the file (with whatever
    conversion is required) and scanning the contents. See

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    Subject: script detection program

    > Does anyone have a program or tool that can identify the scripts
    which the
    > characters in a UTF-16 encoded file belong to?
    > I'd like a program that can scan the data and return script tag such
    as used
    > in
    > so if I had a UTF-16 encoding file with latin and cyrillic
    characters, the
    > tool/program would scan the text and return the name "latn" and
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