Re: Small 's' with grave?

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 11:51:47 EDT

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    >>A friend of a friend asked me if Unicode has a code for small s with a grave.
    > U+0073 U+0300
    >>Has it been added since 3.0? Thanks in advance.
    > Afaik, there is not and will not be any new precomposed characters since Unicode 3.0

    I think the policy is to not add new precomposed characters whose decomposition characters are all in 3.0+.
    You are right that this policy forbids adding a new precomposed s-grave because new-NFC on <0073 0300> would differ from 3.0-NFC on the same string.

    3.1 did add precomposed musical symbols. It also marked them all with "composition exclusions" even though that was not necessary for this policy because their decomposition characters (combining musical stem etc.) did not exist in previous Unicode versions.
    Unfortunately, for an implementer this means that code that generates in supplementary composites cannot currently be tested with stock UCD files :-)


    PS: I could not find this policy spelled out anywhere. I would expect it in

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