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Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 13:21:24 EDT

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    Yes, these fonts do not solve everything. (Nor should they.)

    We should be careful not to apply the requirements for high end
    publishing systems to software that just needs to have adequate
    rendering, such as browsers and other software.

    I would like to have adequate coverage for the Unicode space, with some
    language awareness or sensitivity, before we raise the bar to the level
    of requiring publishing quality.

    I would guess high end publishers are quite comfortable choosing
    (acquiring, installing, selecting) specialized fonts for different
    situations, including for rendering different languages.

    However, for people that are not so adept at choosing fonts and
    assigning them by language, browsers and other software need to have a
    reasonable, solution.


    John Cowan wrote:
    > Thomas Chan scripsit:
    > > But changing the example to fonts like Arial Unicode MS doesn't completely
    > > solve everything--a sans serif font is not the norm for non-trivial
    > > quantities of CJK text (compare any book or newspaper).
    > Nor any other kind of text, indeed, until the widespread use of Arial/Helvetica,
    > which properly is only a display font, as a text font (ugh).
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