Re: glyph selection for Unicode in browsers

Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 18:52:06 EDT

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    On 09/28/2002 04:47:49 AM tiro wrote:

    >'Language system' (not 'language') in the OpenType specification actually
    >*writing* system, i.e. a particular set of orthographic/typographic
    >associated with the use of a particular script. 'Language system' is a
    >misnomer -- an historical artifact of the incomplete understanding of the
    >format's original designers --, and it has caused all sorts of confusion,
    >especially among people who assume that the OT 'language system' tags must
    >some relationship to things like NLS tags. There is no necessary
    >and, indeed, it is possible to conceive of a user wanting to apply, for
    >instance, the typographic conventions of German to a language other than

    But should there not be some (possibly user-overridable) relationship
    between an NLS or similar tag (e.g. "lang" in HTML or xml:lang) and one of
    these so that a browser or word-processing app that knows what "language"
    (e.g. what RFC 3066 tag) is applied to the data can tell the
    layout/rendering sub-system what OT "language-system" tags to apply
    (assuming some API exists to do so)? Surely that is where we want to move

    - Peter

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