My German blunders (was Keys. (derives from Re: Sequences of comb ining characters.))

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 10:02:22 EDT

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    I (Marco Cimarosti) wrote:
    > Of course. AFAIK, "Zu Beispiel" means "e.g.", "for example".
    > "Hauptkirchestrasse" is a made-up road name meaning
    > "cathedral street".
    > Zurich is the only real piece of the address.

    But a native German speaker patiently explained, in a private message:

    | If it's an example, it's one not constructed by a native speaker ;-)
    | For one, it's "zum Beispiel" and the name of the street (road
    | would have been ...landstrasse) is either missing an 'n', or
    | possibly has an extra 'e'.
    | As it stands, it's decidedly odd looking.
    | Although, it's supposed to be Swiss. That could explain a lot.

    Thanks for the corrections.

    I should not have retained the city where it actually happened: if I just
    settled the scene in Lugano...

    _ Marco

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