Re: The Currency Symbol of China

Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 14:50:40 EDT

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    Jane Liu wrote,

    > 2. In China, the currency is called "Renminbi Yuan", why is it not
    > included in Unicode standard ?

    How about U+5143 ? (smile)

    Looking at pictures of Chinese coins in the Krause catalog, some
    coins used an ideograph other than U+5143, but a quick search of
    CJK BMP ranges didn't find it. (Doesn't mean it's not there.)
    This other character looks like rad. 31 surrounding stacked rads
    30, 72, and 9. (The pictures are a bit fuzzy, though.)

    Didn't spot any pictures showing coins with the Yen-like symbol, but
    older coins from Hong Kong use the dollar ($) symbol with one stroke.

    Best regards,

    James Kass.

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