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Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 20:59:02 EDT

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> "One of the most frequent character with cedilla is the (C with
> cedilla). This letter was used for the sound of the affricate [ts] in
> old Spanish.

This distinction was introduced systematically in the secund half of the
XIIth century, (first written z <sup>c</sup>) for [ts] and z (no c
on top) for [dz].

>Contemporary Spanish does not use it anymore, since an
> orthographic reform in the 18th century."

With the transformation of the consonant system in Spanish, the graphical
confusion between and z began to be frequent from the start of the
XVIth century, even among good authors in the XVIIth century : suzesor ,
pareze, haer (and in Andalucia these letters were also confused with
s ). In 1726 the Academy suppressed the letter and consacrated the
orthography c in front of e, i and z in front of a, o, u for
the [theta] sound to which [ts] and [dz] had evolved over time.

P. A.

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