RE: Sporadic Unicode revisited

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 11:08:04 EDT

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    Martin Kochanski wrote:
    > To come back to the old thread about typing arbitrary Unicode
    > characters in situations where it's not worth installing a
    > special keyboard, I thought that people might be interested
    > in the hexadecimal Alt+ numeric-keypad solution that we're
    > implementing. As implementations of ISO 14755 go, it seems
    > reasonably simple; but comments would be welcome. You can
    > find a description of the input method at
    >, near the bottom of
    > the page. Remember that this is a fallback method and not
    > intended for long runs of text!
    > If there are any inaccuracies or obscurities in that page, it
    > would also be good to hear about those.
    > (Well, not good exactly, but useful).

    Nice! Of course, the drawback is that one must have a Unicode chart at hand,
    but this is clearly much better than having to convert codes to decimal.

    I wonder whether anyone considered implementing an IME based on mnemonic
    codes, such as those described in RFC 1345

    _ Marco

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