Re: Sporadic Unicode revisited

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 14:47:42 EDT

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    Mark Davis scripsit:

    > Those "mnemonics" in ( are pretty
    > useless in practice, as well as being misnamed. From Websters: "assisting or
    > intended to assist memory". So what about the combination <;S> is supposed
    > to aid or assist memory in coming up with U+02BF MODIFIER LETTER LEFT HALF
    > RING? Beats me.

    ";" in many (though not all) mnemonics means "ogonek", so its presence here
    is reasonable, considering that this character (which appears only in
    ISO-IR-158) is the original "High Ogonek". Since ISO-IR-158 is for Saami,
    perhaps "S" stands for "Saami". Writing "S;" would erroneously suggest
    "S with ogonek".

    > In practice, if they were to be used in an IME, there would have to be some
    > kind of switch to initiate typing one of these things. They are context
    > sensitive (they overlap), so it would also need some kind switch to indicate
    > the end of them. That is: THI could be <\u00DE, H> or <T, \u2253> or <T, H,
    > I>.

    As RFC 1345 says, you write &THI for the first case, T&HI for the second, and
    THI for the third. Mnemonics that are not two-character are written
    &_..._ in context, thus U+1ECD ("o" with dot below) is written &_o-._

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