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Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 15:54:21 EDT

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    > That's the approach I've taken with Clio, an ongoing research project with
    > a font at the end, which I presented at the recent type conferences in
    > Thessaloniki and Rome. The font is in OpenType format, with basic Greek
    > encoding support and 900+ ligatures accessed by glyph substitution
    > features. The next stage is to research contextual ligature and alternate
    > substitution as employed by Byzantine scribes. Having examined a number of
    > cursive Greek types, I've come to the conclusion that any 'rules' for
    > ligature formation may only have been partially understood by typesetters,
    > and it will be necessary to examine many more manuscript sources to
    > determine what the scribes did when and why.

    Yannis Haramlambous once researched all 1327 Greek characters and ligatures
    used in Grecs du Roi designed by Garamond.

    You might find his work useful (only cursory mentions here and, figure 3). The second article
    will be published in a special Unicode issue of the Document Numérique
    journal (BTW there is a lot I disagree with what Yannis states in his
    article « Unicode et typographie : un amour impossible »).

    P. Andries
    Longueuil (Québec)

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