Inputing Unicode characters (was Sporadic Unicode revisited)

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 16:04:12 EDT

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    > Rick McGowan scripsit:
    > > Both (recent) Windows
    > *Very* recent, which many have not yet adopted.
    > > Both platforms also have other means [of inputing Unicode characters],
    > > such as the "Character Map" utility of Windows...
    > Using which is a great pain in the rear.

    But at least this supports typing the names in one's language(*). I am bit
    afraid that other non-numeric methods (abreviations, entity reference) will
    be based on the English names for common characters ! Palettes would at
    least be language-neutral.

    P. Andries


    (*) All Unicode 3.2 characters have equivalent French names (published
    through ISO 10646), regional standards bodies often published translation of
    the common characters in their script, Microsoft displays these names in the
    local language (I have seen them in German and French) through the Start>
    Accessories > System Tools > Character Map tool.

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