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From: John Hudson (
Date: Thu Oct 03 2002 - 10:03:43 EDT

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    I'm very pleased to announce the publication of the book

          Language Culture Type : International type design in the age of Unicode

    edited by John Berry and published by the Association Typographique
    Internationale (ATypI) in association with Graphis. The book showcases the
    winners of the bukva:raz! international type design competition, and
    includes a series of specially commissioned essays:

    'Voices, languages, and scripts around the world' by Robert Bringhurst
    'Unicode, from text to type' by John Hudson
    'ITC Cyrillics, 1992-' by Maxim Zhukov
    'How do the Japanese read?' by Akira Kobayashi
    'An approach to non-Latin type design' by Fiona Ross
    'A primer on Greek type design' by Gerry Leonidas
    'Zvi Narkiss and Hebrew type design' by Misha Beletsky
    'Type ramblings from Africa' by Saki Mafundikwa
    'Arabic script and typography' by Thomas Milo
    'Civil Type and Kis Cyrillic' by Vladimir Yefimov
    'Pickled herring and strawberry ice cream' by Adam Twardoch

    The book should shortly be in shops, and Amazon is offering 30% off for
    advance orders:

    The book's ISBN is 193202601-0

    Copies of the book were presented to delegates at the recent ATypI congress
    in Rome, where it was extremely well received.

    John Hudson

    Tiro Typeworks
    Vancouver, BC

    Those books that allow us to forget the most
    are accorded the status of a classic.
                                               - James Secord

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