RE: Unicode Word Processing in Mac OS

From: David J. Perry (
Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 19:22:37 EDT

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    I recently checked the OpenOffice Mac port. It's still at a fairly
    early stage. They don't have Unicode support in place yet (although the
    fact that they say "yet" does seem to indicate that they are planning on
    adding it; certainly their Windows Unicode support is good, so they know
    how to do it and appreciate that it's important).

    According to the Nisus web site, they are working on a Cocoa version of
    Writer but there is no timetable for its release. So the wait


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    > > I am hoping that the first serious Unicode word processor
    > > to emerge will be Nisus, which has done such wonderful
    > > service with multilingual stuff in the past.
    > It looks like OpenOffice for OS X will have Unicode support, no?

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