RE: Unicode Word Processing in Mac OS

From: John Delacour (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 04:41:21 EDT

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    At 7:22 pm -0400 2/10/02, David J. Perry wrote:

    >According to the Nisus web site, they are working on a Cocoa version of
    >Writer but there is no timetable for its release. So the wait

    Just got news of a very interesting development....

    At 5:35 am +0000 10/10/02, wrote:
    >Date: 10 Oct 2002 05:35:20 -0000
    >Reply-To: "composer" <>
    >List: composer
    >Subject: Big Changes at Okito Software
    >I am writing today to tell you of some very exciting news regarding
    >Okito Composer. Today we are announcing that Nisus Software has
    >acquired Okito Software and will be integrating Okito Composer into
    >their forthcoming Nisus Writer for Mac OS X. I will be joining
    >their team to help in this effort to bring the award-winning word
    >processor to Mac OS X along with many new innovations and great new

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