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Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 13:21:06 EDT

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    Just to add to the previous comment - if you import text from Word it
    handles the text without problem. We've also found that indesign 1.5 for
    Windows documents can be opened in Indesign for Mac even though I can't
    input/import those characters directly on the Mac. Something to do with how
    Indesign handles text. I should add this was done experimentally using UCAS
    Inuktitut text.


    Gavin Nesbitt
    Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

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    > I just installed inDesign 1.5 and noticed that it doesnt support Unicode
    > characters (Pasting from W2k's CharMap and using Keyman).
    > Can anybody tell, please, which version of inDesign do support Unicode,
    > if any?


    InDesign 1.5 does support Unicode, it just supports neither pasting Unicode
    text from the clipboard nor Keyman. There are also some problems with system
    Unicode keyboard drivers.

    Some of the issues have been resolved in InDesign 2.0, so the support for
    Unicode text input has been improved in this version.


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