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From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Sat Oct 19 2002 - 09:18:08 EDT

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    From: nandu patil

    > I wanted to do all encodings in C++ so i can write a library (DLL) which
    > will handle all this stuff

    Do you need to communicate with other applications that do not support
    Unicode? If not, then you have no need to support "encodings" at all (since
    you are using Unicode and you have no need to convert data to and from it).

    If you do need to communicate with legacy (non-Unicode) applications and you
    are on Windows, then how easy/hard it is depends on what you are converting
    from. If you are using VB.Net or C# (see below) then using a DLL here
    becomes a lot less required since the .Net framework has all of the support
    you would need without requiring an external DLL anyway!

    > but I want to disply this hindi in VB application.

    If you mean VB.Net, this can work quite well... it will support the input
    methods, fonts, rendering, collation, and locale information provided in
    Windows 2000/XP/.Net Server. It also will handle a lot of things you were
    thinking about doing in a separate DLL.

    But if you mean VB5 or VB6, you will find this to be quite a challenge since
    the forms and intrinsic controls sdupport only Unicode interfaces (and
    convert everything to the default system code page, which does not ever
    support Hindi).

    > Please help me to do this Multilangual application,I dont know how to
    > development using Unicode. my guide suggested me to use unicode,

    Well to start, deciding on your programming tools would be important -- it
    is crucial to have a foundation before you start building.


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