Re: [OT] em dash absent from Latin-1/Latin-9 and keyboards, why ?

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 20:57:44 EDT

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    Historical accident, I believe. Those character sets tended to be derived from typewriters, not from the characters necessary for real publication.

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      From: Patrick Andries
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      Subject: [OT] em dash absent from Latin-1/Latin-9 and keyboards, why ?

      I have an off-topic question -- well, maybe not so much since questions have been asked about dashes -- related to the absence of the em dash/en dash from the Latin-1/Latin-9 character sets.

      Why are those dashes (actually either one of the two is useful in French) absent from keyboards and Latin-1/Latin-9 character sets ?

      These large dashes seem much more useful in most European languages than the ¦ character, for instance (which I have never seen in everyday texts).

      P. Andries

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