Re: Unicode plane 14 language tags.

From: William Overington (
Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 02:42:08 EST

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    John Cowan commented.

    >William Overington scripsit:
    >> It seems to me that deprecating these language tags might be a bad thing
    >> the language tags could well have potential use in plain text files on
    >> DVB-MHP (Digital Video Broadcasting - Multimedia Home Platform) platform
    >> order to signal to a Java program accessing a text file the language in
    >> which any particular text is written.
    >Of course, deprecation does not mean that the characters cannot be used,
    >still less (what it means in most standards bodies) that they may be
    >removed in future. Once in Unicode, always in Unicode.

    Oh, that is interesting. So what exactly is the public consultation about
    deprecating the plane 14 language tags about? If the Unicode Technical
    Committee decided to deprecate the plane 14 language tags, what would be the
    effect of that decision?

    >Nevertheless, on the facts described, I agree that this is an appropriate
    >use of Plane 14. However, I am somewhat skeptical that the facts *are*
    >as described: is it really the case that *plain* text files are being
    >used here?

    The DVB-MHP platform is a platform. Java programs are broadcast in a
    unidirectional, cyclic manner so as to produce effectively a "disc in the
    sky". This uses my telesoftware invention. The word telesoftware, and its
    etymology, are in the Oxford English Dictionary, second edition, volume 17.
    The telesoftware concept was also featured in the USA in the first issue of
    the magazine Personal Computing, published back in the 1970s.

    The Java programs are authored by content authors. The Java programs may be
    self-contained or may use support files. The format of those support files
    is up to the author of each Java program, though some formats such as png
    (Portable Network Graphics) have special standing. Plain text files is one
    of the choices which a content author may choose to use. A content author
    could also use a fancy text format if he or she so chooses. I am not
    suggesting that all the files used by the Java programs which are broadcast
    as telesoftware programs will be plain text, only that plain text files
    could be used. As the DVB-MHP system uses Java, and Java uses Unicode, then
    the DVB-MHP system uses Unicode, and what is contained in Unicode is thus of
    interest to content authors who would like to author content for the DVB-MHP

    The DVB-MHP system is up and running on a regular basis in Finland and
    Germany. There is worldwide interest in the DVB-MHP system.

    Certainly, from my own perspective, I feel that plain text files may be very
    important for information content upon the DVB-MHP channel.

    I feel that language tags could be very useful as a feature in such use.

    William Overington

    29 October 2002

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