Unicode plane 14 language tags.

From: William Overington (WOverington@ngo.globalnet.co.uk)
Date: Sat Oct 26 2002 - 05:38:01 EDT

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    On the http://www.unicode.org/ website is a link entitled

    Public Issues for Review

    which link leads to the http://www.unicode.org/review/ web page.

    The first such issue upon which comments are invited is the following

    Deprecate the Plane 14 Language Tags

    It seems to me that deprecating these language tags might be a bad thing as
    the language tags could well have potential use in plain text files on the
    DVB-MHP (Digital Video Broadcasting - Multimedia Home Platform) platform in
    order to signal to a Java program accessing a text file the language in
    which any particular text is written.

    At the present time I have no plans to use the Unicode language tags myself,
    yet it does seem to me a pity that just as DVB-MHP, which uses Unicode, is
    starting to be run in more than one country that an existing method of
    encoding information about languages is possibly to be formally deprecated.

    Now, there may be good reasons for the deprecation, yet none are stated on
    that web page. I feel that I would like to mention the matter of the
    possibility of using language tags upon the DVB-MHP platform so that that
    can be taken into account by the Unicode Technical Committee when it
    discusses the matter.

    Certainly I am hoping to send in an informed comment upon the matter in the
    manner mentioned on the web page using the online contact form. However,
    before doing so, I am wondering if perhaps the reasons for suggesting the
    deprecation of plane 14 language tags could please be discussed in this
    mailing list.

    DVB-MHP broadcasts have recently begun in Germany, there is information on
    the http://www.mhp-forum.de website. The text information is in German,
    though there are lots of pictures and for many of them clicking upon them
    enlarges them. I found the language translation facility at
    http://www.google.com very useful for translating the text. Germany follows
    Finland in introducing regular DVB-MHP broadcasts.

    Information on the DVB-MHP system is available at the http://www.mhp.org
    website, in English. There is also the discussion forum at the
    http://forum.mhp.org website.

    William Overington

    26 October 2002

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