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Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 15:34:42 EST

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    > Standard orthography, and orthography that someone may
    >choose to use on a sign, or in handwriting, are often not
    >the same.

    If someone's writes an a-umlaut, no matter what it looks,
    it should be encoded as an a-umlaut. That's the identity
    of the character they wrote. I'm sure my German teacher
    would not appreciate us typing up our homework and using
    A-macron, even if the symbol she used for a-umlaut on the
    blackboard looked like a macron.

    > Math Fraktur A is a letter (of course!). Many letters,
    >including ordinary A, are used as symbols too.

    If it were a letter, then no one would have a problem with
    you writing language with it. But there are warnings all
    over the place, about how A and an appropriate font should
    be used for Fraktur A. Math Fraktur A is a symbol - it doesn't
    stand for a sound or a word.

    >You seem to argue that for "symbols" (whichever those are,
    >I'm sure you *don't* mean general categories S*...) there is
    >total rigidity, while for "non-symbols" (whichever those are)
    >there is near total anarchy and font makers can change glyphs
    >to something entirely different.

    Font makers can change the glyphs to whatever they want, so long
    as it is uniquely that character.

    > Marco, I'm not sure it is of any use to try to explain in
    >more detail, since you don't appear to be listening. However,
    >I think I, Marc, Doug, and Mark (at the very least) seem
    >to be in approximate agreement on this (at least, I have
    >yet to see any major disagreement). I'm sure Michael
    >would agree too (at least I hope so), and many others.

    Interesting. I don't agree totally with Marco, but I'm of the opinion
    that glyphs of a with e above, a with macron above, and a with Disney
    ears above can be suitable glyphs for a-umlaut, and I got the impression
    that Mark and Doug agreed with me.

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