RE: Question: the german umlaut

From: Dominikus Scherkl (
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 10:40:16 EST

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    > I just wanted to know how much space in bytes the Latin-1
    > characters such as the german umlaut characters take up in
    > UTF-8 encoding. Is it still just one byte or does it now
    > require 2 bytes?
    U+0000 up to U+007F take 1 byte (ASCII)
    U+0080 up to U+07FF take 2 bytes (Latin-1, Latin extended,
    combining diacritics, phonetics, greek, cyrillic, hebrew,
    arabic, syriac, and some more scripts - this is very little
    expansion especialy for laguages which use only few non-ASCII
    characters like swedish or german but expensive for greek or
    arabic or so)
    U+0800 up to U+FFFD take 3 bytes (hangul, cjk... not to
    expensive but significant)
    U+10000 up to U+10FFFD take 4 bytes (this is all the rest -
    take almoust everywhere 4 bytes, so this is no significant

    If space is a concern, use SCSU - this shorter and has the
    additional advantage of beeing very much better compressable
    by zip or comparable algorithms.

    Dominikus Scherkl

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