Default properties for PUA characters???

From: Christian Wittern (
Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 20:27:40 EST

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    Dear Unicoders,

    I was recently pointed to the document "Character Entities: An XML Core WG View
    A consensus statement from the XML Core WG as of 2002 October 23"
    available at In
    the last paragraph, it says:

    The appropriate way to make use of such characters is to define
    character entities which give human-readable names to the PUA
    characters for use in authoring. The question of supplying
    machine-understandable semantics for PUA characters is an open
    research question: the Unicode defaults treat PUA characters like
    ideographs, since the most frequent use for them is to represent
    unusual ideographs for use in personal names.

    Leaving aside the red light that flashed in my head on the notion of
    the W3C recommending PUA (for interchange?), I was wondering about the
    notion of PUA characters being by "Unicode defaults" treated as
    ideographs. Is there a canonical reference for this?

    Just wondering,

    All the best,

    Christian Wittern

     Christian Wittern 
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