Re: Default properties for PUA characters???

Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 16:59:53 EST

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    On 12/02/2002 07:27:40 PM Christian Wittern wrote:

    >Leaving aside the red light that flashed in my head on the notion of
    >the W3C recommending PUA (for interchange?)

    That isn't necessarily a problem given that the fundamental assumption of
    PUA characters is that their semantics is determined by prior agreement of
    the parties involved in interchange. As a solution for unencoded
    characters, it has some shortcomings (and it's possible to imagine other
    solutions to the problem), but it can be useful if users understand the

    BTW, Christian, I have continued to be interested in where TEI goes with
    this issue as it's still an issue I need to deal with for other contexts,
    though I haven't had any opportunity to give any time to it.

    - Peter

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